Welcome to the Persatuan Perubatan Integratif Malaysia ( Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia or AIMM).

About Us

Overview of AIMM

The Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM) was set up to integrate allopathic and non-allopathic medical practitioners so as to offer apt solutions for today's and future healthcare challenges....

Pioneering Synergy In Integrative Healthcare

Among others, AIMM will offer educational seminars under its variuos interest groups...

One Source! One Force!

AIMM Members will comprise of allopathic medical practitioners, non-allopathic medical practitioners and those with tertiary-level training in healthcare or medical-related sciences...

Unmatched Holistic Integration To Benefit All !

A collaborative and pragmatic approach to healthcare should enable AIMM to integrate practitioners of conventional, complementary and traditional modalities so as to offer...

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Committee Member

AIMM was born from a common vision shared by some of Malaysia's leading medical and...

Ordinary Member

Be an Allopathic Medical Practitioner ...

Life Member

Existing Ordinary Member whose application has to be approved by the Committee.

Fellow of AIMM

All protem members are awarded Foundation Fellow of the association.. This is in recognition of their vision, dedication in time and efforts, and financial contributions in setting up the association.Other members are eligible to apply for a fellow with the following criteria...


Corporate Member

Clinics or Wellness Medical Centers or Wellness SPA, Private Hospitals or Clinics...


Affiliate Member

A Person with qualifications in complementary medical modalities which...


Associate Member

An Allopathic medical practitioner (medical doctors registered with the medical...

Friends of AIMM

Friends of AIMM, are individuals ( Malaysian or Foreigner ) who are ineligible to become individual members, however are interested in the mission and activities of the Association ...



Government Related Agencies

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia.



Federation of Complementary and Natural Medical Associations, Malaysia (FCNMAM).


Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) International


The Association to be linked in future.