2020 President’s Message

AIMM President’s AGM Message 2020

We are thankful to Ministry of Health (MOH) for their constant valuable support and also their participation at all our international conferences. AIMM’s image should be an extension of consensus values on ‘what is the best solution’ for the patients.

Over the years, AIMM has played a key role in underpinning the scientific understanding of Integrative Medicine.

Last year, AIMM committee sent MOH the Blueprint on the Development of Integrative Medicine for their acknowledgment and we also met up with T&CM, MOH.

We had a busy year as the growing popularity of Integrative Medicine do not slacken but continues to make waves.

Modern day medicine with great advances have returned to medical cannabis.

As a front runner again, AIMM organized the international trail-blazing conference on medical cannabis with the chief of the pharmaceutical services who presented the key note lecture.

Henceforth by popular demand, we will continue further with the latest clinical findings, new understandings with practical tips which will be covered alongside essential knowledge revisions and update sessions. There will be more lectures presented by MOH on clinical trial requirements and registrations for medical cannabis.

IIMC 2020, with the theme ‘Inclusion and Diversity in Healthcare’ will be packed with a diverse range of content that are inclusive of the best of multidisciplinary medicine catered to all walks of life. There is no shortage of good options available to consumers looking to address any of their health concerns.

We should not forget that it is the consumers, patients along with medical practitioners who make Integrative medicine work for humanity and not just the big brands and companies.

Humbly yours,


Dr. Janethy Balakrishnan

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