AIMM President Message for 2nd IIMC 2019

AIMM President, Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokstrom


The 2nd International Integrative Medicine Conference

On behalf of AIMM’s committee, we are truly honored to welcome all of you to attend the 2nd International Integrative Medicine conference. This exciting event will take place in PJ Hilton Ballroom from 4th to 6th October 2019.

This conference will once again encourage excellence in different modalities of Integrative Medicine. The organizers are pleased to bring you prominent international thought leaders with a power packed 3-day scientific program that offers a professional platform for education, training, skills enhancement, networking and open exchange between delegates and key opinion leaders.

Every year, AIMM evolves to be at the forefront, delivering the latest findings and research. This time, we present a world-renowned physician from Florida on the trending topic of medical cannabis. More so, we are privileged to have our keynote speaker on medical cannabis by the Ministry of Health, head of pharmaceutical division.
The conference content will be a perfect fusion of healing oils such as found in CBD, essential oils and even the significance of different types of dietary oils.

For the very first time too, we have a famous elite athlete orthopedic surgeon from USA lecturing on the right type of training for management of injuries, pain and also enhancement of strength, physique and health. He would also clear all dietary confusions, by teaching and showing on how to discern the different type of nutritional studies.

We will also have a clearer understanding on how different types of food proteins causes leaky gut and hence compromise our immune system. There will be many more cutting-edged lectures on immunomodulation, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture as listed on the schedule.

As in compliance with the directive from Ministry of Health, AIMM’s scientific program has been designed to meet the educational needs of medical practitioners who desire to be elevated to the next level of recognition and peer-respect.

The continued growth and success of AIMM have been due to a combination of excellent speakers, dedicated participants and enthusiastic exhibitors creating a unique positive experience.

Thank you once again for your valuable support.

Yours faithfully,


Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokstrom
AIMM President