AIMM Committee Member , Puan Sri Dr Suriana Hanur Bt Harith

AIMM Committee Member, Puan Sri Dr Suriana Hanur Bt Harith


She's a low profile, high flier who has contributed significantly to the growth of the medical field in Malaysia, for almost 4 decades. Her insights and professional influence have “re-shaped and boosted” the methodology and practices in Reproductive Medicine, Occupational Health, Emergency Medicine and handling of Heart-related and Trauma patients. With Training and Lecturing skills as part of her repertoire of unique abilities, her wealth of experience and technical know how on various medical and health related matters are crucial in driving AIMM towards more effectively serving its members especially in promoting integrative medicine, and various combined therapeutic techniques as the recommended way in alleviating the health issues faced in Malaysia.

July 1975 - May 1980
• Obtained MBBS in June 1980 at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

1987 - 1988
• Diploma in Reproductive Medicine from LPPKN, Kuala Lumpur

1991 - 1992
• Diploma in Occupational Health from Society of Occupational Health Malaysia

• Diploma on Emergency Medicine from Institute Jantung Malaysia

July 1980 - Sept 1985
Medical Officer and Training Lecturer at University Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Sept 1985 - Feb 1999
Private Practitioner and Partner with Drs Young Newton and Partners