Welcome to the Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia or AIMM (Persatuan Perubatan Integratif Malaysia) which was officially registered with Registry of Societies Malaysia on 22nd Sept 2014 with Reg No PPM-013-1422092014. Rest assured, you're linking up with Malaysia's First Integrative Medicine Association, offering you One Central Access to the very best in experience and expertise in Integrative Medicine.

Integrated healthcare incorporates complementary and traditional medical modalities to mainstream drug and surgical practices.

Whether you are accepted for admission as an Ordinary, Life or Corporate Member, you can have access to the latest developments to enhance your skills and services in this industry. AIMM is also a Collaborating Practitioner Association linked with ANH-International or ANH-Europe of the United Kingdom. (refer to

AIMM differentiates itself by offering its members various strategic advantages and collaborative support, locally and internationally.

Certificate of Registration with ROS

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AIMM Constitution

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Overview of AIMM

The Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM) was set up to integrate allopathic and non-allopathic medical practitioners to offer apt solutions for today's and future healthcare challenges. AIMM strives to continuously raise the standards offered and to deliver a unified system in every possible way to benefit its members and patients. It brings the best of Malaysian professionals in every related field to the world and the world to them, so that together, through this global and local networking, we will be more effective and efficient in our mission as a united force.

Description of  AIMM LOGO

1.CIRCLES -The two concentric circles represent inner spiritual and outward physical healings which are complementary, holistic and wholesome in nature.

 2. ROD-The Rod symbolise power of natural healing

 3. SERPENTS -The serpents represent wisdom in healing guided by evidence and belief that the source and provision of healing are found in the creator of the universe and earth.

4. LEAVES - The leaves symbolise nature which provides resources and nutrients for the  healing of all diseases.


The golden color represents Integrative Medicine as the gold standard for healing of all diseases

The green  represents the green vegetation that provides oxygen and nutrients that are essential for life.

The blue represents the air and water that sustain life.



Pioneering Synergy In Integrative Healthcare

Among others, AIMM will offer educational seminars under its various interest groups. Efforts are also underway to network internationally to offer globally recognized Programmes and support them with relevant teaching resources and facilities, exclusively for AIMM Members.


One Source ! One Force !

AIMM Members will comprise of allopathic medical practitioners, non-allopathic medical practitioners and those with tertiary-level training in healthcare or medical-related sciences, specialties and modalities using evidence-based therapeutic approaches and healthcare disciplines to achieve optimal health and reversal of chronic health disorders.


Unmatched Holistic Integration To Benefit All !

A collaborative and pragmatic approach to healthcare should enable AIMM to integrate practitioners of conventional, complementary and traditional modalities so as to offer the public a more holistic approach to healthcare. This systematic and systemic platform addresses the biological, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of chronic illnesses. By promoting education and research related to integrative medicine and team-oriented evidence-based therapies, AIMM aims to provide more cost-effective solutions to offset rising healthcare costs, over the long run.