AIMM President, Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokstrom

AIMM President, Dr Janethy Balakrishnan Bokstrom


Dr. Janethy's impressive global and local achievements within a span of 27 years of her clinical career, speaks volumes about a Master Trainer who believes in empowering people, because health is a basic human right and is everyone's responsibility. Healthcare should not be just delivered but greatly encouraged by well informed self-care. She heads AIMM's thrust to integrate allopathic, non-allopathic and related medical professionals into one cohesive unit.

Having mastered a wide spectrum of practical know-how and being duly certified in the areas of Anti-Aging, Restorative, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, as well as Clinical Nutrition and Healthcare Management, her edge has made her a sought after Speaker at World conferences, International workshops and numerous seminars. She is also a Board Oral Examiner linked to various Academic Institutions abroad, and is on the scientific Editorial Board of world renown Medical Organizations and Journals.

Her values and principles are demonstrated in her crusade to champion upstream medicine and sustainable healthcare, particularly in creating a paradigm shift from sick care to healthcare by adopting nutritional and lifestyle approaches.



Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Mangalore University, India

Completed with internship in India 1984-1989.

Post Graduate

1) MSc Healthcare Management

Conferred a Masters Degree in 2000. University of Wales Swansea. UK

Topic of Thesis: Reinventing Healthcare in Malaysia.

2) Diplomate in Anti Aging Medicine - American Board of Anti Aging Medicine Certification. (ABAAM)

Passed written examination in 2004, Singapore.

3) Board Certified Physician in ABAAM

Passed Board Oral Exams in 2005. Las Vegas, USA

4) Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS)

Passed exams in 2006. Reno, USA

5) Fellowship in Restorative and Aesthetic Medicine (AARAM)

Passed written and oral exams in 2006, after completing attachment in Miami, USA.

Speaker at A5M Melbourne, August 2018.

Speaker at MMA-T&CM division Conference, Kuala Lumpur , April 2018.

Speaker at Inaugural International Integrative Medicine Kuala Lumpur, February 2018

Keynote speaker at 3rd Herbal Summit, Osaka, October 2017

Keynote speaker at 3rd Herbal Summit, Osaka, October 2017

Faculty speaker at IMCAS, Bali. July 2017

Speaker at 4th American Anti Aging Conference, A4M Dubai, 17th -19th november 2015

Speaker at the 1st AMAC and Aesthetic Asia Conference, Singapore. September, 2014

Speaker at the 7th Australasia Academy of Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Melbourne, (A5M) Australia 2013

Speaker at BCRAAM, Bangkok, Anti Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, September 2012

Speaker at 3rd Dubai Congress of Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (DCAAM), October 2010

Speaker at European Masters in Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (EMAA), Paris, France. October 2010

Speaker at BCRAAM, Bangkok, Anti Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, September 2010

Speaker at T3ARM, Anti Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2010

Speaker at Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress and MediSpa (AMWC) in Monte Carlo, Monaco. April 2010

Speaker at 2nd DCAAM, Dubai in November, 2009

Speaker at 3rd AustraliaAsia Academy of Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Melbourne, (A5M) 2009

Speaker at EMAA, Paris, France in Aesthetic Medicine, 2008

Speaker at A5M on Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine in Sydney, Australia. 2008

Speaker at Eurasian International Conference on Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine in Bangkok. 2008

Speaker at ICAAM Asia 2007 in Shanghai, China.

International Conference on Anti-Aging & Preventive Medicine (on Aesthetic Dermatology)

Speaker at 6th APACAS World Congress on Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery - Manila, Philippines. 2007

Speaker at 4th Intracom, KL. 2007

Speaker for Pharmanex in KL, Singapore and Bangkok as Anti Aging Specialist - 2006/7

Speaker for Costam and SFFR Roadshow on Anti Aging -2007

Speaker at Workshop and Seminar Hong Kong Chapter of ACCS, Hong Kong - 2007

Speaker at the Australasia Academy of Anti Aging Medicine – Bali, Indonesia 2006

Invited Lecturer at the Academy of Family Physicians for Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine, KL - 2005 / 6/ 7

Speaker at 2nd International Aesthetic Conference, KL 2007

Speaker at 1st ASEAN Congress Primary Care in KL 2007

Speaker at 3rd and 4th Annual Conference of SAAAMM, KL -2006 / 7

Speaker at International Aesthetic Medicine Conference, KL-2006

Speaker on Aesthetic Medicine and Intradermotherapy by ASAMI, KL-2006

Speaker at Annual Conference of Malaysia Anti Aging and Aesthetic Conference, KL -2006

Speaker at 3rd Aesthetic Medicine Seminars organised by SAAAMM in KL - 2005

Speaker at International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine conducted in KL - 2005

Master Trainers , IMCAS, Bangkok, 2007

International Certificate in Anti Aging Medicine Specialization – 2003 and 2004, University Center of Charleroi - Belgium.

International Certificate in Mesotherapy, Aesthetic Medicine 2005

American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Singapore 2005

Certification of Participation by American and European Academy of Anti Aging Medicine;

Anti-Aging Medicine A4M - Las Vegas, USA 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013

Chicago, 2007.

12th Annual World Congress on Anti Aging Medicine. 2004, Chicago

Anti Aging World Conference - Paris, France, 2003/ 4

Anti Aging World Conference - Monte Carlo, Monaco 2005

Asia-Pacific Anti-Aging Conference- Bali 2005

Conference of Aesthetic Medicine, Singapore, 2006

Botox Cosmetic Training-Advanced Course- Bangkok, Thailand 2004

Certificate of Technical Training in Lasers - Seoul, S.Korea 2004.

Registered with Malaysian Medical Council since 1990.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Euromedicom, Anti Aging Medicine World Congress (since 2005)

Board Oral Examiner for ABAARM, A4M in Las Vegas, Chicago, USA 2005 to 2008
Board Oral Examiner for A5M Australia in Melbourne, 2009
Board Oral Examiner for ABAARM, A4M, Dubai 2010

Board Oral Examiner for FAARAM (Fellowship in Aesthetics) KL 2008

Editorial Board Member of Prime Journal, UK, Informa Healthcare

Past Vice-President (2004 to 2007) – Society of Anti- Aging and Aesthetic Medicine, Malaysia. (SAAARMM)
Co-Founded Aesthetic Division.
Organizing Vice-Chairman for the 1st and 2nd and 3rd Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Conference in KL, (SAAAMM) Malaysia.

Founder and President of Asia Academy of Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine, 2006
Organizing Chairman for 1st, 2nd and 3rd International Aesthetic Medicine Conference 2006/7/8 KL.

Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board for Australasia Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Medical Director- Swedish Institute of Regenerative Medicine, 2008

Co-Founder of Institute of Integrated Regenerative Medicine (KL, 2014)

Awarded Foundation Fellow by SAAARMM (Society of Anti Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia) in 2013

Returning Expert Programme / TalentCorp Malaysia. 2014